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About Our Warranty


Fitness Products Direct, LLC. warrants that the product you have purchased is free from defects in materials or workmanship under normal use during the warranty period. Your sales receipt, showing the date of purchase of the product is your proof of the date of purchase. This warranty applies only in the United States and only to products Distributed by FPD that are purchased directly from FPD or from an authorized FPD dealer. This warranty is non-transferable and applies only to the original purchaser.

This warranty does not extend to any product that has been damaged or rendered defective; (a) because of accident, misuse, or abuse; (b) by the use of parts not manufactured or sold by FPD; (c) by modification of the product or (d) using product in a manner for which it is not intended. Except as expressly set forth in this warranty, FPD makes no other warranties, expressed or implied of merchant ability and/or fitness for a purpose.

FPD will not be held responsible for transportation or labor costs associated with returning merchandise. All goods that have been given an authorization number from FPD must be shipped back to a FPD facility for inspection using the FPD return authorization number# and must be shipped prepaid. Any collect or 3rd party shipments will be refused.

FPD is not responsible for any damages sustained during transportation to or from our facilities. Upon inspection, if product is deemed defective, FPD reserves the right to repair or replace product at its discretion. Any repaired or replaced merchandise will be shipped prepaid by a FPD approved carrier. In the event that the goods are not defective; the customer will be fully responsible for the pickup of the product from our warehouse facility at their own expense. Customer must assign and prepay the carrier. No returns will be accepted without authorization. Following these practical guidelines will help you to enjoy your FPD product for years to come.


Item group Warranty period Covers: Does not cover:
DUMBBELLS * 30 Days Defects in material or craftsmanship Paint peeling, rust, rips, cuts and tears, dents, bent handles, loose heads if dropped or any other signs of misuse such as knocking dumbbells together.
PLATES 30 Days Defects in material or craftsmanship Paint peeling, rust, cracks and signs of misuse **
WEIGHT SETS AND HANDLES 30 Days Defects in material or craftsmanship Using excessive weight on bar or other signs of misuse.
WEIGHT STACK PLATES 30 Days Defects in material or craftsmanship Using other manufacturer’s components for assembly. IE selector shafts, top plates and keys
BARS ** 5 years (commercial) 30 days (Home) Defects in material or craftsmanship Lost or loose end bolts or retaining clips. Rust, chips, peeling or cracked finish as a result of misuse.
COLLARS 30 Days Defects in material or craftsmanship Lost components, finish peeling, paint peeling.
RACKS AND BENCHES Welds: 5 years, Pads: 90 days, Pulleys/Bolts/Nuts/Cables: 1 year Defects in material or craftsmanship Pads, rollers, rubber pieces, bolts, nuts. Unless missing or damaged in original box. Does not cover any damages due to misuse or exceeding recommended capacity.
HAND HELD ACCESSORIES 30 Days Defects in material or craftsmanship Damaged caused by misuse or improper care ***
PRO-STYLE DUMBBELLS* AND BARBELLS Limited 90 Days Defects in material or craftsmanship Spinning plates where the bolt is still tight. Chipped paint or scratches. Bent or cracked plates or handles. Rips, cuts, or tears for rubber encased plates and end caps. Stickers.
MACHINE ACCESSORIES 30 Days Defects in material or craftsmanship Finish peeling, rust, lost components, chips, cracked finish. Leather goods may be covered by US manufacturer and must contact them directly.


Dropping and/or knocking dumbbells together is the primary cause of loose heads and bent handles and is considered a misuse of the product. FPD will not warrant or replace dumbbells that exhibit signs of the above. Do not use dumbbells that are becoming loose. 

BARS ** 

Bars typically become bent by leaving weight plates on the bar while the bar is rested on bench uprights after use. This process can occur in just a few hours and is considered misuse. FPD will not warranty or replace bars exhibiting this misuse. Remove plates from bar after each use and store the bar in a vertical holder or flat on the floor, cracked sleeves and loose ends can also result from dropping bar with plates on the floor which is considered misuse and not covered by this warranty.

CARE *** 

  1. Do not drop or tap product together. This will help to avoid loose heads and damage to item finish or item itself. 
  2. After use, wipe your product off with a clean cloth. This will minimize the risk of your products finish from rusting. 
  3. After each use, remove the plates and collars from bars, this will eliminate the probability of a bar from permanently bending. 
  4. Store your product indoors and away from moisture. 
  5. Keep your equipment away from children and pets. Secure the product safely so children or pets cannot harm themselves